Allergies have a new enemy – the Viaskin patch, by DBV-Technologies

Many of us know what it’s like to live with the menace of allergies. They can range from the merely annoying, such as mild cases of hay fever, to the life-threatening. What’s more, in the developed world, the prevalence of allergies is constantly on the increase. French company DBV-Technologies offers a fascinating window onto efforts being made to tackle this plague. details the treatments and technologies currently under development at the firm’s Paris-based premises.

A key element of the Viaskin platform is the use of electrospray technology


Principal amongst these are the Viaskin range of products – more information is available on these products here. This approach is a mixture of the simple (a patch placed on the skin) and the complex. For instance, the production process includes the spraying of antigens onto the patch by means of an electrospray (below) which produces a very fine, electrically-charged stream of antigens. This ensures the allergens cover the patch evenly. A condensation chamber created by the patch moisturizes the skin, solubilizing the antigens and enabling them to penetrate the epidermis. From here, they reach the tolerogenic Langerhans’ cells and the process of tolerization begins.

Make your Mediterranean dream holiday a reality with Eden Luxury Homes!

The holiday rentals market is a huge one right across the globe. Most properties let out on this basis are relatively modest. There is, however, a high-end rentals sector which caters to more demanding clients. This is the clientele served by, a firm that specializes in finding the most prestigious properties and sourcing value-added services to go with them. The fact that only around 1 in 3 properties viewed by Eden Luxury Home’s on-the-ground representatives are accepted bears witness to how exacting the firm’s standards are. If you’re interested, you can even see how the process works by following the company’s villa scouting team on Instagram!

the port of Ibiza


The firm has an especially impressive portfolio of Mediterranean region properties. The luxury villa saint tropez style is a firm favourite. Rentals typically sleep from 6 to 14 people, making them especially suitable for large families or gatherings of friends.

Often located in stunning settings, such as the town of Ibiza, with its beautiful harbour (see below), Eden Luxury Homes properties often come with ‘concierge’ options. This could mean you can have access to the services of chefs, butlers or chauffeurs, should you choose.

Taillardat – luxury furniture by top craftspeople to add a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ to your home

Have you ever thought that your house needed an extra touch of elegance but weren’t sure how to achieve this? At, you can find a range of sophisticated furniture for every room of your house, from bedroom to dining room, lounge to hall. Being a French company, Taillardat is proud to model its designs on 18th century French furniture. This includes styles such as Regency, Restoration, Empire, Marie-Antoinette, and of course, the famous louis xviii furniture look.

The Edwige is an elegant Louis xv console table model


The ‘Collection’ section of the website contains everything you could possibly need to furnish your house – desks, console tables, dining room furniture, bedside tables, chests of drawers, armchairs, sofas, stools and even beds. All pieces are made from the best quality materials, including woods like Mahogany, Oak, Beech and Cherry. The craftspeople who create these items are highly-specialized and have a complete mastery of the requisite skills – gilding, carving, joinery, French polishing, leather casing, bronzes, upholstery and more.

The Edwige model of console table shown below is an example of the Louis XV style. Being of smaller size, these tables are particularly suited to narrow hallways.

Finding safer ways of treating common allergies – DBV-Technologies

There’s a new name in the campaign to find a reliable solution to the diagnosis and treatment of allergies – DBV-Technologies. This firm has been working on a safe allergy treatment for a number of different food and non-food allergies. Allergies affect millions of people across the world, but the issue is particularly acute in more developed countries.

DBV-Technologies uses state-of-the-art equipment

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Historically, allergies have been treated by the introduction of allergens into the patient’s body in small quantities, either by injection or as drops or tablets under the tongue. These methods have not always been successful and can sometimes provoke severe allergic reactions.

DBV-Technologies has taken another tack. It has adopted highly-sophisticated equipment and techniques (as illustrated below) in order to create a seemingly simple solution – the Viaskin® patch. The effectiveness of this design relies upon the joint action of the electrospray technology used in making the patches and their electrostatically charged backing. This approach applies an even coating of allergens over the patch, which in turn target the antigen-presenting cells in the skin. This means no allergens enter the bloodstream, which is a much safer option.

At last, a new online form builder that lives up to its promises – FormForAll.

You would have thought that the business of creating a package that allowed people to fill in their contact details, or book a hotel, or maybe answer a survey, would be a simple one. Given the number of poorly-designed forms floating around cyberspace these days, this is apparently not the case. So, step forward FormForAll! This is a highly-versatile piece of software that makes it child’s play for webmasters to create their own online forms – forms that won’t have their customers tearing their hair out! Thanks to the pre-defined form fields, you can get started in a matter of minutes – the drag and drop interface makes it easy to generate everything from log-in forms to subscription forms. Forms can easily be published online using a hosted URL or JavaScript. For more details on FormForAll html forms, you can take a virtual tour that will demonstrate some key features, including the multilingual display, social log-in option and publication and data collection functions. In recognition of the fact that websites are built using a whole range of different CMS, this package offers modules and plugins designed for WordPress users and Drupal sites. has all the information Drupal developers will need to start creating great-looking forms for their websites!

Delving into the wonderful world of the fridge water filter!

We all depend on our fridge-freezers to keep our kitchens supplied and ourselves and our families well-fed, so isn’t it about time we knew more about the technology that helps them do their job? All American-style fridges will have a water filter for purifying the water that comes into the fridge for ice-making purposes and for dispensing as cooled drinking water. The side by side filter is one type that’s commonly used. There are almost as many filters as there are fridges, which is not really surprising, as usually one needs to be matched exactly to the other. Major brands include Amana, Daewoo, LG, Maytag and Whirlpool. Then there’s the water filter samsung style, which, as well as being suitable for a range of this make’s models, may be used in Electrolux, GE and other manufacturers’ models. You should always look to make sure that all the components being sold are manufacturer-approved, as is the case on the website. Furthermore, they should also pass all European Union and NSF norms and standards. The samsung water filter da29 10105j does just that, so you can have peace of mind, knowing that the water you drink will have been cleansed of lead residue, copper and other harmful substances.

Take a closer look at what Riley are cooking up with their snooker dining tables!

You’ll have heard about the boast that something is so clean you could eat your dinner off it, but you’ve probably never thought that this could be applied to snooker tables. Well, Riley international have a snooker dining table for sale which will enable you to do just that! The dual-purpose snooker/pool and dining table actually has a long pedigree and was popular in the early years of the 20th century. The company also produces a wide range of other tables such as Russian Pyramid and full-size snooker tables. Some very special models are on offer on the website, notably several professional snooker tables – professional in the sense that some of the world’s best players either practised on them or even fought out ranking tournament struggles on them! Probably the most prestigious of them all is the arena table that was used during the 2009 World Championships, ultimately won by John Higgins. If these tables look a bit too big for your budget, you can still have a table that is unique by using the Aristocrat Visualizer, which lets you choose from trim, pocket and wood finish options to create a table that’s just the way you want it!

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