Flip book technology for the 3.0 world

An effective flip book maker should be an integral part of any modern home or office. Not familiar with this technology? Well, it’s a simple piece of software that enables you to create attractive content quickly and easily in a format that’s child’s play to distribute to your target audience. You can learn more from sites such as webpublication.co.uk, and anyone working in the field of marketing will have a working knowledge of these packages. The genius of the online brochure creator lies in its sheer simplicity. There’s no need for any kind of specialist expertise or training to use it! However, ‘simple’ doesn’t have to translate into ‘unsophisticated’ when it comes to content. With more rich media features than you can shake a stick at – video, sound, flash animation, hypertext linking and more – your catalogues and corporate magazines can be a model of interactivity as demonstrated by the interactive pdf for ipad. This technology is compatible with a wide range of devices – try out the applications for iPhone and Android for size. It may also be used in tandem with Google Analytics, which is great if you’d like to find out more about exactly how your clients and prospects consume your content.