At last, a new online form builder that lives up to its promises – FormForAll.

You would have thought that the business of creating a package that allowed people to fill in their contact details, or book a hotel, or maybe answer a survey, would be a simple one. Given the number of poorly-designed forms floating around cyberspace these days, this is apparently not the case. So, step forward FormForAll! This is a highly-versatile piece of software that makes it child’s play for webmasters to create their own online forms – forms that won’t have their customers tearing their hair out! Thanks to the pre-defined form fields, you can get started in a matter of minutes – the drag and drop interface makes it easy to generate everything from log-in forms to subscription forms. Forms can easily be published online using a hosted URL or JavaScript. For more details on FormForAll html forms, you can take a virtual tour that will demonstrate some key features, including the multilingual display, social log-in option and publication and data collection functions. In recognition of the fact that websites are built using a whole range of different CMS, this package offers modules and plugins designed for WordPress users and Drupal sites. has all the information Drupal developers will need to start creating great-looking forms for their websites!

Delving into the wonderful world of the fridge water filter!

We all depend on our fridge-freezers to keep our kitchens supplied and ourselves and our families well-fed, so isn’t it about time we knew more about the technology that helps them do their job? All American-style fridges will have a water filter for purifying the water that comes into the fridge for ice-making purposes and for dispensing as cooled drinking water. The side by side filter is one type that’s commonly used. There are almost as many filters as there are fridges, which is not really surprising, as usually one needs to be matched exactly to the other. Major brands include Amana, Daewoo, LG, Maytag and Whirlpool. Then there’s the water filter samsung style, which, as well as being suitable for a range of this make’s models, may be used in Electrolux, GE and other manufacturers’ models. You should always look to make sure that all the components being sold are manufacturer-approved, as is the case on the website. Furthermore, they should also pass all European Union and NSF norms and standards. The samsung water filter da29 10105j does just that, so you can have peace of mind, knowing that the water you drink will have been cleansed of lead residue, copper and other harmful substances.

Take a closer look at what Riley are cooking up with their snooker dining tables!

You’ll have heard about the boast that something is so clean you could eat your dinner off it, but you’ve probably never thought that this could be applied to snooker tables. Well, Riley international have a snooker dining table for sale which will enable you to do just that! The dual-purpose snooker/pool and dining table actually has a long pedigree and was popular in the early years of the 20th century. The company also produces a wide range of other tables such as Russian Pyramid and full-size snooker tables. Some very special models are on offer on the website, notably several professional snooker tables – professional in the sense that some of the world’s best players either practised on them or even fought out ranking tournament struggles on them! Probably the most prestigious of them all is the arena table that was used during the 2009 World Championships, ultimately won by John Higgins. If these tables look a bit too big for your budget, you can still have a table that is unique by using the Aristocrat Visualizer, which lets you choose from trim, pocket and wood finish options to create a table that’s just the way you want it!

Weinkeller oder Museum?

Wer keine besondere Beziehung zu Wein hat, wird dies verwunderlich finden, doch für echte Weinliebhaber ist jede Flasche ein eigenes Kunstwerk. Und wenn man von Kunstwerk spricht, dann ist die Vorstellung von einem Museum nicht mehr fern. Denn genau dort werden Kunstwerke in aller Regel ausgestellt. Aus diesem Grund können manche Weinkeller wie Museen besichtigt werden. Allerdings gibt es nicht viele solcher „Weinmuseen“ und in einigen muss man sogar Eintritt zahlen. Um einen Blick auf die Kostbarkeiten der Weinkeller des Hôtel de Paris in Monaco zu erhaschen, müssen Sie beispielsweise stolze 4 000 Euro investieren. Für diesen Eintrittspreis können Sie unter den 550 000 dort gelagerten Flaschen insbesondere einen Pétrus 1970, einen Château Margaux 1929 oder auch einen Château d’Yquem 1890 bewundern.

Ich weiss nicht, ob in diesem Eintrittspreis ein (kleines) Präsent enthalten ist, aber ich finde, zu diesem Anlass wäre ein Petite Arvine aus dem Wallis, ein Cabernet Sauvignon oder auch ein Merlot durchaus angemessen.

Wenn Sie die 4 000 Euro lieber anderweitig anlegen möchten, bleibt Ihnen immer noch die Möglichkeit, während Ihres nächsten Frankreichbesuchs einen Tisch bei Michel Rostang (zwei Michelin-Sterne) zu reservieren. Sein Restaurant besitzt einen der schönsten Weinkeller von Paris und an manchen Tagen gewährt er seinen Gästen einen Blick in seine Schatzkammer. Und das völlig kostenlos!

Flip book technology for the 3.0 world

An effective flip book maker should be an integral part of any modern home or office. Not familiar with this technology? Well, it’s a simple piece of software that enables you to create attractive content quickly and easily in a format that’s child’s play to distribute to your target audience. You can learn more from sites such as, and anyone working in the field of marketing will have a working knowledge of these packages. The genius of the online brochure creator lies in its sheer simplicity. There’s no need for any kind of specialist expertise or training to use it! However, ‘simple’ doesn’t have to translate into ‘unsophisticated’ when it comes to content. With more rich media features than you can shake a stick at – video, sound, flash animation, hypertext linking and more – your catalogues and corporate magazines can be a model of interactivity as demonstrated by the interactive pdf for ipad. This technology is compatible with a wide range of devices – try out the applications for iPhone and Android for size. It may also be used in tandem with Google Analytics, which is great if you’d like to find out more about exactly how your clients and prospects consume your content.

Get the best of the last of the summer with Eurovent!

There’s nothing quite like getting out into the countryside in early autumn when the weather is still set to fair but the crowds have largely disappeared. If you’re a caravanner, you can now make your off-peak getaway even more comfortable by enlisting the help of quality awnings from eurovent awnings. This European company has become a household name in the camping world thanks to its robust, dependable products – they won’t let you down, even though the Great British summer sometimes will! Typical of their wares are their range of motorhome porch awnings, which include the highly-rated Trio Vermont awning. This product is a great combination of the technically-advanced, with its top quality Ten Cate polyester, and the versatile, thanks to its removable side and front panels, making it easy to convert into a sun canopy when the weather is hot. However, Eurovent’s main focus is actually on caravan porch awnings. On the Eurovent website you’ll find a selection of different models including the Chamonix, the Trio Nevada and the Veranda. Likewise, these items are made from technically-advanced materials and are also designed to be as user-friendly as possible. For example, tightening handles on the steel frame really make it much easier to put up.

Serious about caravanning? Then you should be thinking seriously about getting an awning…

Caravans and motorhomes come with a long list of additional paraphernalia and accessories, some of which is useful, some less so. However, few would dispute that top-quality Eurovent awnings are anything but an absolute must for the serious caravanner. This long-established name boasts a great range of caravan porch awnings for sale, with models like the Adriatic, the Maryland and the Soleria. The latter awning is particularly well-suited for warmer weather, with its breathable acrylic walls, so those who are thinking of heading to the more southerly parts of the continent may want to take a closer look at this design. It’s also an extremely versatile model. All its panels are detachable, so you can transform the awning into a kind of sun canopy. There are two different entranceways and up to two additional annexes can be installed, either for use as an extra storage space or as another sleeping area.

Some holidaymakers favour off-season trips, when the crowds have gone home. However, the weather tends to be more unpredictable too, which is where four seasons awnings come into their own. The Montreux model is made of heavy-duty PVC, which is easily able to cope with rain and even falls of snow!

Switzerland – the country of fine chocolate, luxury watches and….top quality leather!

There’s such a range of good-quality leather goods around that sometimes we can feel really spoilt for choice – not that that’s a bad thing! Various countries have a particularly good reputation in relation to leather manufacturing, but did you know that Switzerland – normally better known for its confectionery and watch-making sectors – also boasts some excellent leather producers? Perhaps this is unsurprising, given the luxury appeal of leather. One Swiss manufacturer that goes by the name of Lucrin has an especially wide choice of articles in its e-store. Its easy-to-navigate website will enable you to find what you’re after quickly, whether it’s a gift, something for work, a decoration for your home or a travel article. Stalwarts such as the leather wallet obviously have pride of place alongside old favourites like handbags, briefcases, portfolios and belts, but there’s also plenty of room for items that are very much in tune with the times we live in! The obvious example of this is the great choice of quality cases for iphone type devices. There are Lucrin cases and pouches specifically designed for the iphone 4 and 5, ipads and ipods, kindles, HTC, Samsung and Motorola tablet PCS and models from many other manufacturers besides!

Don’t snooker yourself when looking for a new full-size table – think Riley!

If you’re a snooker fan who’s interested in improving your game, the obvious step is to buy yourself a table. This will allow you to get all the practice you need at home, whenever you want, instead of having to head down to your local snooker hall. It’s not an easy decision to make, given that a proper full-size table will represent a big financial investment. A look at the Riley official website may help you make up your mind. They have an extensive range of snooker tables for sale, as well as pool, billiards, Russian pyramid tables and cues on offer. The site also features useful advice, including a section on the minimum size of room required for their various table models, from 8 foot right up to full-size tables. There’s also a short history of the game, describing its origins in the officers’ mess halls of the British army in India in the 1870s!

All tables are described in-depth, so you know exactly what you’ll be getting when you make your purchase. A useful tool, available for some models, is the visualiser, which lets you see what your chosen model would look like with different wood and pocket finishes and trims.

Some flip book apps are more equal than others – see what webpublication has to offer!

Some apps are definitely more useful than others. If you ever have to produce digital content for a company, not-for-profit body or just for yourself, you may be interested in hearing more about the flip book app produced by webpublication. Designed to facilitate the on-the-move viewing, editing and updating of your online catalogue or magazine, this application works on both iPhone and iPad. If you haven’t yet explored the possibilities offered by this kind of technology, a closer examination of the online brochure generator tool is called for. This is a software package that aims to make designing your own online content as stress-free an experience as you could hope for.  It’s ideal for companies or individuals that want to offer others an interactive pdf experience, rather than a yawn-inducing one. It’s easy to jazz up your documents when you’ve access to a whole range of rich media, from video to HD images, flash animation to sound. Just as importantly, it’s even easier to distribute whatever content you produce to the widest possible audience. Copy it to DVD, embed it in a website, share it using social media, email it, save it onto a USB stick – take your pick!

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