Don’t snooker yourself when looking for a new full-size table – think Riley!

If you’re a snooker fan who’s interested in improving your game, the obvious step is to buy yourself a table. This will allow you to get all the practice you need at home, whenever you want, instead of having to head down to your local snooker hall. It’s not an easy decision to make, given that a proper full-size table will represent a big financial investment. A look at the Riley official website may help you make up your mind. They have an extensive range of snooker tables for sale, as well as pool, billiards, Russian pyramid tables and cues on offer. The site also features useful advice, including a section on the minimum size of room required for their various table models, from 8 foot right up to full-size tables. There’s also a short history of the game, describing its origins in the officers’ mess halls of the British army in India in the 1870s!

All tables are described in-depth, so you know exactly what you’ll be getting when you make your purchase. A useful tool, available for some models, is the visualiser, which lets you see what your chosen model would look like with different wood and pocket finishes and trims.