At last, a new online form builder that lives up to its promises – FormForAll.

You would have thought that the business of creating a package that allowed people to fill in their contact details, or book a hotel, or maybe answer a survey, would be a simple one. Given the number of poorly-designed forms floating around cyberspace these days, this is apparently not the case. So, step forward FormForAll! This is a highly-versatile piece of software that makes it child’s play for webmasters to create their own online forms – forms that won’t have their customers tearing their hair out! Thanks to the pre-defined form fields, you can get started in a matter of minutes – the drag and drop interface makes it easy to generate everything from log-in forms to subscription forms. Forms can easily be published online using a hosted URL or JavaScript. For more details on FormForAll html forms, you can take a virtual tour that will demonstrate some key features, including the multilingual display, social log-in option and publication and data collection functions. In recognition of the fact that websites are built using a whole range of different CMS, this package offers modules and plugins designed for WordPress users and Drupal sites. has all the information Drupal developers will need to start creating great-looking forms for their websites!