Jumping feet first into the Modatoi footwear and clothes collection.

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Some trends really grab you and shake you about, and this year’s platforms are a little in this vein. A design evolution rather than a throwback to the old days would be the best way of describing this latest manifestation of the platform. These days, the main consideration is no longer how high can you go, what matters is shape and detailing. The typically chunky look of the old-style platform is replaced by a more aerodynamic line. No less cutting-edge are some of the women’s boots models making the rounds. There’s lots of glorious colour to brighten up your day, with purples, bright reds and deep blues being particularly present. Another clear trend is the return of animal print and fake leather in a big way, taking your legs on a trip through the Serengeti or even up the Amazon!
What’s more, now great half boot designs are just waiting for you.
Half boots may be small, but they’ve definitely got big personalities! That’s certainly the case with this year’s looks, which combine brash colour and quirky little style details such as death’s head motifs in rhinestones.